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The Budget Office of the Federation in the Ministry of Budget and Planning was established to provide budget function such as preparation of Executive budget, oversee budget implementation, and budget monitoring. Other functions include the implementation of fiscal policies of the Federal Government of Nigeria to maintain aggregate fiscal discipline, allocate resources in accordance with government priorities, and promote the efficient delivery of services.

Specifically, its budget preparation and formulation function entails revenue estimation using current and realistic assumptions on oil production and prices. It also involves estimation of non-oil receipts, and employing realistic macroeconomic inidcators to develop a macroeconomic framework used in at aggregate fiscal estimates for the Medium Term Exependiture Framework. To develop a framework for the annual budget; the Budget Office Specifies fiscal policy objectives, analyse the macroeconomic framework and its associated Medium Term Expenditure Framework, identify and analyse major fiscal risks to derive expenditure estimates. The statement of fiscal policy objectives and an assessment of fiscal sustainability thus provide the framework for the annual budget.

Furthermore, BOF is also charged with the responsibility of coordinating the preparation of Medium Term Sector Strategy (MTSS) across the Federal Sector MDAs and ensure that the MTSS significantly drives annual budget estimates with the issuance of Budget Call Circulars (BCC) that clearly links MTEF, MTSS and the annual budget.


The Budget Office has four operational and two service departments. Each of the department, as listed below, is sub-divided into two divisions for functional purposes.

i. Revenue and Fiscal Policy;

ii. Expenditure (Social);

iii. Expenditure (Economic);

iv. Budget Monitoring and Evaluation;

v. Human Resources Department; and

vi. Finance and Accounts.

Besides the core departments, there is the Office of the Director-General (DG Office) that carry out overall coordination of the budget functions and support the departments to achieve their mandates. 


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