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Essentially, through the monitoring function – BME monitor MDAs Payroll, Pension, Overhead, Revenue, Capital Expenditure, Statutory Transfers of Nigeria Judicial Council (NJC), Niger Delta Development Corporation (NDDC) and Universal Basic Education (UBE), and Debts payable to Local Contractors and not only CAPEX using computer- based monitoring system.; and

The evaluation and learning function which include the evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of different agency programs, policies, and procedures; Assessment of competing funding demands among agencies, and sets funding priorities; Ensuring the consistency of agency reports, rules, and proposed legislation with the Executive Budget and with Administration policies; Development of better performance measures such as results framework, tools, guidelines, indicators, checklists and plans; Standardizing outcomes, targets, KPIs, in collaboration with government wide evaluation department at MBNP as these are usually problematic in preparing MTSS for Sector MDAs.


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